Height, Weight

Height: Males  (71-76cm) Females  (68-71cm)

Weight: Males(29-36kg) Females (27-31kg)

Some lines are larger and have reached the (40-45kg) range.

Life Expectancy:

About 10-12 years


The greyhound is brave, and devoted, intelligent, laid back, charming and loving.  As a rule, they are gentle and even-tempered both racing lines and show lines.  Indoors, these dogs are calm and socialable to a point where they can even be considered lazy.  The bond strongly with their own people, have tremendous stamina, and do not bark much.

Living Conditions:

The greyhound will do okay in an apartment if they get enough exercise.  They are relatively inactive indoors and a small yard will do.  Greyhounds are sensitive to the cold but do well in cold climates as long as they wear a coat outside.  Do not let this dog off the leash unless in a safe area, they have a strong instinct and if they spot an animal such as a rabbit they just might take off.  They are so fast you will not be able to catch them.


Greyhounds that are kept as pets should have regular opportunities to run free on open ground in a safe area, as well as daily walks where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead.  In a dog’s mind the leader leads the way and that leader needs to be the human.  Greyhounds love a regular routine.


The smooth, short-haired coat is very easy to groom.  Simply comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo only when necessary.  This breed is an average shedder.  Greyhounds do not have undercoats and thus are less likely to trigger people’s dog allergies.


Western Australia still upholds a law that require greyhounds to wear a muzzle in public areas.  While there is some prospect of change to the W.A. Dog Act, greyhound adoption groups say the law is outdated and contributes to hundreds of dogs missing out on being re-homed each year.

Health Problems:

It is better to feed greyhounds 2 or 3 small meals per day rather than one large one.  They are sensitive to drugs, including insecticides.