Benny is a handsome and happy boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Handsome boy red fawn Benny is 3 ½ years old and he wants to tell you about his life in foster care!
Hello everyone,
I am enjoying my new and very different life, I like food and sticking my nose in the bin and putting my nose on the table there is so much to explore. I have even managed to knick some things when humans we not looking. Hahaha.
I also enjoy long walks on the beach or is that my carer, mmmm not sure there but I like them anyway. I have walked around the block very well and have even gone to Whiteman Park and was on my very best behaviour with all the other doggies. I played with all of them.
I love to lie on the mat in the kitchen and people must work around me. Isn’t this how it goes…? I enjoy being around humans and their strange ways. I tolerate all their behaviours including sharing the big bed with others.
I am currently living with another gray and terror oops meant terrier. We share the garden and outside lounge. I have my own seat on it. Yay!!
If you have more questions for Benny and his humans, please call the team on 0438 601 492 & 0410 395 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.