Brookton is a handsome and gentle boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Brookton is a handsome blue 3 year old.
Here is a great write up from his foster family:
Brookton has fit so well into family life. In true greyhound style his favourite pastimes are sleeping and receiving pats/scratches/cuddles – preferably at the same time!
He isn’t really that keen on very long walks yet and prefers to just sniff around the neighbourhood for 15 or so minutes before leading us back home to bed.
More than anything Brookton just loves being around his people. He’s never a nuisance and just stands patiently beside you or lays calmly under you while you’re scrolling Facebook, chopping carrots or painting your nails!
Guests love him and he loves them back. He has also been great with our nieces and nephews and came to a quick truce with my sister’s cat. Brookton is incredibly gentle and there’s a sense about him that he really understands and cares about what’s going on and how his people are.
Brookton has a glorious blue coat and distinctive white blaze which showed up so well after his first bath – during which he was a star! I don’t blame the numerous strangers who stop for a second glance or a sneaky pat. He is a beautiful dog.
We are confident that Brookton would bring lots of love and laughter into any household. He’s a perfect boy.
If you would like to meet Brookton or discuss further please call our GAWA number 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.