Chief is a lovely and energetic boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Chief is a handsome fawn three-year old boy with the most awesome brindle tail. He is thoroughly enjoying his life in foster care with his foster dad.
Here is what his foster dad has to say about him:
Chief is an energetic boy not long out of kennels and is just looking to explore everything and anything! Everything is new to Chief so he has a lot to learn. Because of his stunning colouring, he gets lots of attention. Comments on this big boy include he looks like he has a tiger tail!
He gives you such a welcome when you come home and is all excited to see you and just wants to be with his people!
He needs to be with someone who has time to play with him and has a lot of energy to expel and once he has enough he is happy to just to lie down and sleep.
He loves meeting other dogs and greets them with enthusiasm and wants to play, so he would suit a home with another dog of the same size who loves to play too. He has no problems with little dogs but would maybe be a bit much for them because of his size.
Chief loves his food and is learning that not all food is his and does all the tricks trying to convince you to share your food.
He loves his toys and balls at playtime and they can keep him occupied whilst he is home alone.
There does not seem to be any problems when he is on his own and when he knows you are there he will whine asking you to hurry you up to say hello, and then he stays close to your side following you about from room to room.
The cheeky boy knows when it is bed time and will try and sneak up on the bed and claim his place first and eventually will settle down to sleep.
This lovely boy enjoys lots of attention and pats.
If you think this big fella may be the one for you, please call the team on 0412 439 199 & 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.