Conte is a lovely and cheeky boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  2 years old

Conte is a lovely 2 year old black giant.
Here is an update on how he is doing with his foster family.
He is very calm boy, but he has moments of excitement when he jumps around and wag his tail (especially when he sees us after we come back home).
He loves to snooze on his bed, but lately he started to be a bit cheeky and jump on the couch hoping we don’t notice! He has settled in really well to life as a companion.
Conte is also a stage five clinger – loves to follow us around all the time. He is a food lover – eating with pleasure not only his biscuits and dog meat, but also carrots, broccoli, apples and so on.
He doesn’t mind his walks as long as they are not too long and on his travels he is very friendly with different dogs – small and big, even if the dog was not too friendly to him.
So far he does not seem really interested in birds in the garden.
Conte is still getting used to all the new sights and sounds that he is finding out about for the first time, and as time goes on his confidence will grow.
He is still learning how to get into the car, but is very calm during car rides.
To sum up – he is a perfect, loving and beautiful dog who loves to have cuddles!
If you would like to know more about Conte, please give our adoption ladies a call on 0410 395 492 & 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.