Dexter is a happy and loving boy!

Sex: Male        Age: 4 years old 

Handsome black and white 4 ½ year old boy Dexter is doing well in foster care and has now made a friend of Rusty the Chihuahua.
He is now well known when out walking at the Merchant cafe on the Mandurah foreshore as he is very sociable.
Dexter has a strong personality and needs to know who his pack leader is…
He is quite a lazy boy and as we all know greyhounds love their food, in the morning when his foster mum is getting his brekky ready Dexter’s tail is wagging and he has a happy smile on his face on his bed as if to say just ten minutes more please before breakfast!!
His mum says he is an amusing boy and always happy, loving and loves everyone.
If you would like more information on Dexter, please call the team on 0438 601 492 & 0410 395 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.
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