Emmy is a beautiful and sweet girl!

Sex: Female        Age:  2 years old

Beautiful 2 ½ year old black girl Emmy has settled well into foster care with her foster brother Ben, she is slowly getting used to a different kind of life and all things need approaching with caution including strange noises and household appliances but with patience she is coming out of her shell, even though she does not like the hoover she is happy to have her coat brushed with the soft attachment.
She loves to collect her toys around her including Ben’s as she decides she needs it more than Ben and him being such a gentleman he nearly always lets her have it, including at times his bed!
Loves her food and used to eat it very fast as they do but is now slowing down. She is learning to walk well on the lead and as with everything it is all coming together with a bit of training as she is quick to learn.
Emmy and Ben get on famously and the play well together and she is full of fun and energy and she and Ben hurtle around the garden together.
She has seen cats and is still being assessed, she may possibly be OK with a resident cat with introductions.
Her foster carer says she is very sweet-natured and loves to snuggle – adores getting tummy rubs and shoulder rubs and smacks me with a paw when I try to stop! There’s a charming, cheeky, mischievous critter lurking under the docile exterior.
If you would like more information on Emmy, please call the team on 0438 601 492 & 0410 395 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.
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