Greg is a gorgeous and happy boy!

Sex: Male        Age:  5 years old

Meet Mr Greg, the world’s most handsome and adorable red fawn greyhound! Five years young, this fella has a lust for life and an endless well of love to give. Along with good food and long naps, Mr Greg really enjoys his walks, parading around the neighbourhood saying hello to everyone and rambling through the streets and parks. When he’s not out and about, he loves to hang out at home getting rubs on his head, neck, back and tummy. He absolutely adores humans, and he jumps up and down with glee when he can hear his family coming home. He loves going for a drive, and wishes he could go everywhere in the car. Also on his ‘love list’ are bananas and most fruit, and other dogs. Mr Greg’s perfect match is a human who has a passion for a gorgeous-looking dog, has time to hang out with him, and has the energy to go on lovely daily walks around the local hood.
If you would like more information on this gorgeous boy, please call the team on 0438 601 492 & 0410 395 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.
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