Isabella is a playful and affectionate girl!

Gender: Female    Age:  1 year old

Beautiful one year old Isabella is a very pretty black and white girl with stunning golden eyes.
She is a total puppy – energetic, playful and affectionate.
Isabella is quite a collector and loves finding things and storing them on her bed!
She loves her foster brother Tigger, and has met other Greyhounds who she has had a playdate with.
We are still assessing Isabella as she is yet to meet any children or small dogs, she has been introduced to cats and did not seem to take any notice of them as she was too busy exploring and sniffing! So far she has been able to be left alone and would happily live with another dog.
Isabella would make a Greyt addition to a family who are prepared to give her training. She likes to please, and is an intelligent little girl.
If you would like to discuss Isabella further, please give a call on 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.