Jamie is an affectionate young boy!

Sex: Male        Age:  18 months old

Handsome boy Jamie is only 18 months old and is settling in well to foster care his foster mum has given us an update on how he is doing…
He has settled really well and is very observant and quick to learn. Small dog and all dog friendly and likely to be cat friendly. His “trick” is to take all visitors to the kitchen cupboard where the dry dog food is kept just in case he can entice them into giving him some! He loves his affection and is a big softie who loves a kiss. He is house trained and a lot of fun to have around. He tried sleeping in my bed the first day he arrived but I told him off and he has never attempted to get back up on the furniture at all.
If you would like to meet Jamie or to find out more about him, please call the team on 0438 601 492 & 0410 395 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.
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