Leroy is a gentle and gorgeous boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

A message from Leroy’s foster parents…

Hello GAWA and readers,

I need to tell you about Leroy (our foster grey for almost 2 weeks now). I could send you a short message telling how great he is, but Leroy deserves more.

Before coming to foster he spent 2 weeks in the kennels. 14 long days. At first I thought he’d be the difficult to deal with type of dog, that he’d not get used to us and the house and our routine.

That impression lasted for about an hour. Leroy got comfortable very quickly after finding his bed, buckets of water. I must admit, though, he tried jumping on my bed a few times. Why stay with the big cushion on the floor when there’s a big bed right next to it, right? Cheeky.

Leroy LOVES (yep, capital letters) his walks and car rides. He’ll get tired within a few minutes, but as soon and we get home and he drinks some water (he actually dips his head in the bucket!), he’ll try and trick you to go out again. Don’t let him fool you! He’s already tired and wants to make you feel the same way. And there’s the big plus: he walks well on the leash and knows what to do when we say “stop”, “stay” and “go”.

In regards to the car rides, perfect behavior. Although he puts his head out the window when he farts.

Leroy is an AMAZING (again: capital letters) company when taken to a walk around the river. He absolutely loves being in the water and even gets on the way when I’m watering the backyard!

This skinny gentle giant likes to be around people but stays all day by himself if he has to and we never had any trouble in regards to that. He might pretend a cry for a couple minutes and then stops, the dog needs to sleep. And this one sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.

I’d also like to point out that he doesn’t eat much. I know, weird. In the morning he eats enough to sleep through he day and then in the evening, same. Human food are more attractive to him (can’t blame), but a firm “na-ah” is sufficient: he doesn’t steal food. Of course, if there’s any unattended he might try it. Keep your eyes open.

When out for walks he is very interested in everything and everyone. Loves a pet behind the neck and ears rubs from adults and kids.

We always thought he was paying too much attention in other dogs and weren’t sure if he wanted to play or something else. Took him to an event and he wouldn’t relax around smaller dogs. So we took him to a dog park and see his reaction. In deed he was wary and trying to chase small dogs. Couldn’t care less about the bigger ones. No joke: after 20-30min we let him out of the leash (yes, the other dog owners were OK with it) and he ran around like crazy, played with German Shepard, Border Collie, Beagles, Bulldogs, Labs and Huskies. His way to run and play is a little awkward as I don’t think he’s done much of it during his life. As soon as a beagle and one of the tiny ones started to growl and bark, he understood he shouldn’t be bothering them. It was his very first time at a dog park and he made us very proud of his behavior. He might not seem friendly at first and giving him time to absorb the environment and the other dogs’ energy to play made all the difference!

Leroy is all this and a whole lot of love. He has a way of showing his feelings that many humans could learn from. Any person/family will be lucky to have him!

If you would like to meet this special boy, please give a call on 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.