Lola is a pretty & happy girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  1 year old

Lola is a very pretty 20 month old brindle girl.
Here is a great update from her foster family.
Lola came to us a little over a week ago and she is great fun. She has a lovely nature but was very quick to show my 3 year old male grey who was boss. But then our Kelly is a real softy and gentle growl from Lola was enough for him to give up his bed to her.
Her walking on a lead is improving daily and she no longer weaves from side to side in front of us. She is certainly learning fast having a big foster brother to show her the ropes. She won’t need long walks as she tends to tire quickly. At Whiteman Park she let us know when she had enough as she stood by the gate when she had enough. She is such a funny girl!
Lola was very timid of traffic noise when she first came to us but now she is starting to relax and not jump at every car or truck that passes. She still likes to stop to checkout other humans she spots along the way or barking dogs. She is still shy of other dogs, no matter what the size but it doesn’t take very long for her to make friends with lots of encouragement.
So far, we have taken her on a Greyhound walk to Tomato Lake and although at first, she just wanted to get back in the car she eventually found a place amongst the pack but never too far from Kelly. She has been for a sunset stroll along the dog beach and she really wanted to try out the water but couldn’t due to her little op.
Lola has experienced two dog parks so far… Kingsway she was very timid as there were a lot of dogs there. Whiteman Dog Park was a different matter though as I went straight from school drop off, there were very few dogs there.
She loves curling up in the paddling shell when we get home from walks. I had to all but empty it the first day because of her stitches.
She has been sleeping well up until last night, but I think it was the heat. In the end we let her sleep outside with Kelly and she was happy with that and came back in later…
She is an early riser and likes company if she is awake… she will let you know when it’s time to get up.
She likes her food and yours too if you are not careful. She has learned that after her dinner she is to lie down on her mat while we eat ours. It only took 2 nights of being put outside while we ate to learn this.
This lovely girl loves to know what is going on in the street and is very happy to greet people when they come to the door.
If you would like to meet Lola please give us a call on 0477 052 755 & 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.