There are many Myths surrounding the greyhound and most are all totally unfounded.

One of the most profound is that the dogs are required to wear muzzles because they are savage, this could not be further from the truth. The greyhound is one of, if not the most docile breed of dog on earth. This can be attributed to the fact that they are also the oldest and purest breed of dog known to man, dating back as far as 6000 B.C.

During their racing careers greyhounds wear muzzles to protect their soft mouths from being injured whilst racing,as sometimes there maybe a clash of heads and it can take considerable time for such a wound to heal. While it is true the greyhound has been specifically bred to chase, it is totally false to suggest that they will automatically chase down small dogs believing them to be rabbits,in fact it is usually the small dog who will intimidate the greyhound, it is doubtful if the majority of greyhounds today have ever seen a rabbit, coursing, once popular, ceased many years ago.Many greyhounds are in fact small dog and indeed cat friendly.

Another Myth is that the dogs need a huge amount of space to run in, also false. The average suburban backyard is quite sufficient, as is a small yard in a villa unit, remember these dog’s racing careers are over.All that is required is a little regular exercise, a 20 minute walk in the morning and afternoon is all that is required.

Greyhounds do not require a special type of bed either, during their careers they sleep on a hessian mat laid out on a concrete floor. all they require is a reasonably comfortable soft bed that are readily available from pet suppliers at moderate cost.

The diet of the greyhound is not specific either, a good quality dry dog food, fresh chicken carcasses or pieces such as wings and nibbles readily available from supermarkets (uncooked),or good quality pet mince mixed with pasta and fresh or cooked vegetables is all that is needed, a treat every now and then such as beef flavored rawhide is a great favorite and helps keep their teeth clean.

Greyhounds do not smell, moult very little, and due to not having an undercoat are less likely to trigger allergies, they have an uncanny love of children not seen in other breeds and bond very strongly with their new found family once they have settled in. During the warmer months they need fresh water and a cool place in the garden, in the colder weather they may need a coat and should be kept indoors in a place such as the laundry. Greyhounds bring a sense of calm to the household due to their nature and are one of the most loyal and affectionate pets anyone could ever hope to own. Just ask a greyhound owner.