Red is a happy and lovely boy!

Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Red is a handsome 3 year old red fawn boy and we have a fabulous update from his foster family.
He is so good!! He sits for dinners and cookies and learning how to sit when I put in or take off his harness for walks. He gets very excited when he knows he is going for a walk and we are working on calming his enthusiasm when he super excited.
He loves chicken carcasses but does seem to be food driven and does not eat all treats and cookies.
Red responds very well to positive praise more than cookies…
He loves affection and is very sweet and follows his foster mum around.
He likes to run and play and really likes to play with my collie cross dog .
He LOVES the beach and crashing waves and swimming, as he is on the leash I go in with him haha. He knows his name and is learning commands like “come” “outside” and “no”.
He is house trained and gives me a single bark if he needs to go outside and otherwise curls up on the couch for the nights sleep. When outside he is good and does not cry or bark.
He is such a good boy and has quite the funny personality (as seen in his shower pic haha)
If you would like to meet this gorgeous boy, please give a call on 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.