Reuben is a playful and curious boy!

Sex: Male        Age:  2 years old

Reuben is a handsome black 2 ½ year old.
Here is an update from his foster family:
Reuben is playful and curious, although he’s proving his merit as a full-time couch potato.
He prefers playtime to cuddles, and likes to be outside as much as he can (tearing circles around the backyard, or just having a sniff).
Reuben likes to be close to his human family and will happily curl up in whichever room you happen to be in. The couch is ideal, but a comfortable spot on the carpet will do in a pinch!
Walking is Reuben’s favourite part of the day, and every day he is getting better at walking on a leash. He is still learning about other dogs that are out and about on his walks and gets a bit excited but already he is getting used to them.
Reuben is good at being left alone in the house, and doesn’t make a fuss when people come and go. He’s mostly got the hang of house training, but has minor incursions into the bin/bench-surfs: he has quite the inquisitive nose.
His newest fascination is the washing machine: something about the swirling clothes is simply mesmerising!
If you would like more information on this lovely boy , please call the team on 0438 601 492 & 0410 395 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.
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