Terry is a handsome and affectionate boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

We have this lovely update from Terry’s foster family who they affectionately call Tez.

‘Gentle Tez is a loyal and affectionate dog who really loves to be near his people and acts much older than his three years.

Tez loves a comfortable life; he is tidy in his habits, quiet, and is fully house trained. Initially shy with strangers, once you gain his trust he becomes your shadow.

He is a ‘serious’ boy and although initially shy he loves male humans and could be well suited to an older man who has owned dogs before. Someone who will value his loyalty and won’t mind Tez’s occasional grumbles when communicating!

Tez walks well on the lead and has been fine with most other dogs both big and small. He would be ok with a well matched canine companion or as an only dog.

He loves his daily walks and a speedy run once a week or so, Tez Is happy to spend the rest of the time lounging about and is happy alone 7 hours a day while his foster carers work.

Tez would love to find a forever home with someone who will enjoy his quiet companionship and give him affection and gentle leadership. Tez would also love a small yard with some grass to roll on, and you must have a comfy sofa!

In return Tez offers to take all the pats you can give, to make you laugh with his comical ways and reward you with loyalty.

At this stage Tez is still being assessed with cats.

If you would like to know more about Terry (Tez) , please give us a call on 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.