Thor — Adopted

Thor is a happy and friendly boy!

Sex: Male        Age: 4 years old

Thor is four years old and is a very happy, friendly tall boy, friendly with other dogs when out in public. He can be cheeky, loves his bed and quilt and his coats on cold nights. Walks lovely on the lead but it can take a little longer at the start because he likes to check everything out he sees he is a very inquisitive boy doesn’t miss anything that is for sure. When he is walking beside you he wags his tail so much he pats you bottom with his tail, very amusing. He can be a bit of a clock watcher and reminds so meals vary in time by 30 minutes or an hour. He loves his meaty bones, raw eggs and meat and vegetables. At this time we don’t know how he feels about cats but when he was in the vets there was a cat close by in a cage and he did not seem that bothered in that environment. If you would like to give this handsome boy a Forever home, please give our Greyhound Adoptions Team a call on 0438601492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.
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