Very cuddly and cute boy!

Sex: Male        Age: 2 years old

We have only nice things to say about this cute 2 yr old! He was such a shy boy when we first got him and would hide in the shadows but now he loves being in the lime light having cuddles and a good scratch behind the ears. He absolutely loves the beach weather its swimming or just laying down watching the the people and dogs on the beach, although he takes a bit of encouragement to get into the water. He loves his food and isn’t picky and is always found browsing the kitchen benches. He’s quiet and can be left outdoors all day no trouble. He also shows a lot of interest in children and is always drawn to the sound of children playing. He is currently learning to play with our dogs and loves collecting all the toys and socks and whatever else fits in his mouth and hoarding them in his bed.
If you are interested in XMan, please call Toni on 0410 395 492 or email to tonidonn@hotmail.com

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