Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Meet Peter, he is a very affectionate and playful 3 year old boy.
He is very friendly and is eager to meet new friends and visitors, loves attention and being around people.

He has been very good with the two female dogs he’s been staying with (one fellow hound, one Japanese Spitz) and loves to play with them (when they are interested).

He is very inquisitive and likes to be involved in everything. Follows me everywhere and sticks his nose in to inspect everything, but is ok when we go out, after a minute or 2 of whining.

He walks well on the lead and is excited for his morning walks, which help to keep him out of mischief too, being so curious and playful. (Otherwise he’ll make his own fun involving the contents of the recycling bin in the kitchen)

He hasn’t been tested with children but he is a 34kg jack in the box – also doesn’t like being disturbed in his sleep (just grumbles) – so might be better off with bigger kids.

We think he really needs a home that will keep up with the walks and play time, as he seems to get bored easily and is full of beans so needs to get it out in the morning. He loves playing with toys, and chasing tennis balls in the backyard. He also doesn’t mind a sip and lick of your unguarded beer!!

If you would like to know more about this energetic boy would you please call our adoption coordinators, or message us on FB with your details and we can send through an EOI for you to complete.

Depending where you live:
Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

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