Gender: Female

Age: 1 year old

Are You A Special Soul looking to be part of this special girl’s life.

Pepi is a vibrant, bouncy and lively one year old girl that needs
understanding and guidance. She suffers from a neurological issue so isn’t as straightforward as your usual pup. As such it will take a very committed, patient, caring and loving foster/permanent carer to help this special girl flourish.

In particular Pepi will need more onlead training. Due to some balance issues Pepi is currently only going out for short walks, she gets quite excited with the outside world which can then heighten her unsteadiness. Pepi does like other dogs and can be both excited by them and also scared and nervous around them.

Pepi will need ongoing training and guidance with her toileting but has shown she can learn quickly after a recent weekend break in a new environment. Pepi sleeps at night, loves her humans and is learning doggy manners with food.

Pepi does suffer some eyesight issues but at this stage we can not say for sure
to what extent. All ongoing medical issues will be covered by GAWA.

Pepi requires someone that can solely be devoted and committed to her. Teach her about life, give her clear guidance, training and routine. This will help her flourish into her full quirky self. Pepi has shown she can learn when worked with consistently.

We are looking for someone who is home more often than not or a part time worker.

Only people that are really seriously committed should inquire, please no time wasters.

She is cute and pretty but this can not be the reason to take her on.
Pepi will take work and effort but will reward you in so many other ways.

No small children homes, elderly homes or cat homes please.

Please contact Toni on 0438 601 492 to discuss Pepi further. It would be appreciated if you would leave a voicemail message for Toni to return your call if she is unavailable.

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