Gender: Male

Age: 5 years old

Five-year-old Max is a chilled companion, happy to be snoozing the day away but also after a little love and affection. He is a very endearing and slightly cheeky boy, who is mostly independent but misses his people if they are gone for too long.

Max enjoys being a lazy office assistant to his foster parents during the day and will follow them around before his walk, but he also does not mind napping in a cool corner away from others.

Max is not too kitchen curious and would sooner jump up for his lead than for food. He gets super-duper excited when getting ready for his twice daily walks but regains his composure once leaving the house.

Max would suit a household as the only dog and is not cat tolerant.

If you would like to meet this handsome boy, please give our lovely adoption ladies a call, depending where you live:

Ellen North 0408 951 931
Janey South 0419 044 689

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