Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Here is an update on three year old Jack who took a while to settle into home life but is doing wonderfully now with the TLC and support he has received from his foster family.

Jack’s doing well now as a house pet and he is looking good.

We recently had friends over for dinner. Jack’s always keen to meet people and behaved very well.
After the introductions we put him outside (it was a warm evening), and he just relaxed on his bed—no whining, no problems.

He also came with us to a band gig at Settlers House in York. Travelled well in the van, and rested quietly on his mat in the Settlers courtyard while we played (Chris kept Jack’s lead tied to the lamp-post by her table).

He got very excited when the local cat appeared, but settled down quickly when it moved away. Then a family with several energetic young children turned up (ages around 5 – 8 yrs). They asked if they could stroke Jack (he had his muzzle on, of course), and he was fine with them all.

Jack has settled into a good domestic routine. Follows us from room to room so closely that we must be careful not to tread on him, but then he just lies down quietly (often in the doorway, presumably to prevent our escape).

He sleeps most of the day until nearly dinner time, when he spends a few minutes throwing his soft toys around.

He is eating well and always cleans his bowl. Kibble and a raw chicken neck for brekky, kibble and BARF (usually kangaroo) for dinner, sometimes with cooked veggies, meat scraps or gravy from our meals, and a snack at bedtime. On a couple of occasions, he’s also had tinned sardines, which seem to have helped cure his dandruff, as he’s now sleek and shiny. His weight is stabilised at 34 kg.

Every night I take Jack out in the yard for his bed-time pit-stop, and he then sleeps quietly until about 6:30 am, when he wakes us up for his brekky and early-morning walk before it gets too hot.

We are now working on his separation anxiety. He always follows me closely, so on Friday I left him in the yard and rode away on my motorbike. Chris stayed indoors to monitor his behaviour. I was away for about an hour, but after wandering up and down the fence line for a few minutes, Jack just slept on his bed near the front door—no whining or howling, so hopefully he is now starting to understand that we will be back.


John and Chris what an amazing job you are doing with Jack.

If you would like to know meet this lovely boy, please give our lovely adoption ladies a call, depending where you live:

Ellen North 0408 951 931
Janey South 0419 044 689

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