Gender: Male

Age: 7 years old

Meet Senior Boy Shadow, 7yrs
Shadow is currently in foster care and has some very specific needs for his new home otherwise his foster mumma just won’t be able to bring herself to part with him. He has worked so hard with her to overcome some obstacles. These will be discussed in person with eligible people.

Shadow is easy in the home and no trouble, he just fits right in. He happily snoozes the day away with his foster greyhound brother and sister and sleeps well over night in the lounge room. He will let you know when he needs to toilet and he has some really endearing quirks and personality traits now emerging that his foster family love. He is always left inside when the humans go out to work or do other things. He has been no bother and a pleasure.

Shadow’s MUSTS for his potential new home…

* No kids under 10
(although Shadow is fine with kids he would like a quieter, calm home environment to relax in)

* Another dog is a MUST preferably another greyhound or med to large dog.
(no small breeds as he needs larger dogs to help him build confidence and follow)

* He could live with a cat BUT this is dependant on the cat and home situation.

* He needs a confident, calm and patient owner that will continue to work with him gaining confidence. Shadow had some anxious walking behaviours that he manifested after being attacked on a walk by another dog. He has now overcome most of these issues but may revert back if someone isn’t aware and willing to work with him and continue as his foster family have. His foster mumma is so proud of him and he has totally nailed walking with his foster greyhound brother and sister. But someone that is possibly greyhound experienced maybe best for this boy to continue to flourish again.

Please only enquire if you fit the criteria and are willing to make a commitment to him.
If you feel you can provide the above for this gentle, friendly boy please contact Bec thru initially then we can assess your suitability.
Bec –

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