Gender: Male

Age: 4 years old

A great update from Blaze’s foster family.

Blaze is a 4.5yrs old blue and white boy, he has been with us for almost 2 weeks, he is very new to the home life and still getting used to everything that involves.

He is beginning to come out of his shell now and starting to play with toys, we have even had the odd zoomie.

When we are home, he does like to know where we are and will follow us about as we move around, he was extremely clingy the first few days we had him, but he seems to be getting used to us coming and going about the house as the days go on.

Though he does seem to think that every time we are near the back door that means walk time, either that or he wants to get to his food in the garage!

He is very inquisitive especially around food/kitchen so best not to leave anything out on kitchen benches, dining tables that is within his reach and keep bins closed 🙈 saying that he’s not possessive with food we’ve been able to take things off him if he’s got hold of anything he shouldn’t have.

We have been leaving him in the alfresco area when we’ve been at work (max 6hrs) and he does seem to settle, we’ve had no reports from the neighbour’s about excessive noise/barking, and no digging or destruction.
Blaze is very much a people dog he loves his cuddles and pats, he is a big softie and has been amazing with his 4yr old Hooman sister, giving him pats and kisses on the nose with supervision.

Blaze will make a beeline to any hooman when out and about for pats and cuddles. He walks well on the lead, but he is still getting used to all the new things, sights and sounds of the outside world.

When it comes to other dogs (big or small) Blaze very much likes his space and doesn’t like dogs up in his face, which is fair enough. He will pull and get excited if he sees other dogs out walking or playing on parks. He just does not know how to react or interact properly with them but with more & more exposure, time & patience and think this can definitely be worked on.


If you would like to meet or know more about this lovely boy, please call our adoption ladies.

Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

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