Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Denis, 3 years old is still looking for a his forever home.

He would love a home with another friendly dog to play with, he really really wants to play a lot and make friends with other dogs.
He is a happy, fun loving playful boy.

He needs someone home more often than not because he just loves his humans and their company.
If you aren’t giving Denis attention when he wants it he will sure let you know about it and demand you look at his handsome face.
Denis would prefer to sleep near his humans too as he just can’t bare to be away from his family too long if he can help it and settles well when with his people.

Denis is good on lead.
He loves greeting people and likes kids but because of his playful nature and big size kids over 12 would possibly be a better fit.

If you would like to be my family, please give our friendly adoption ladies a call. Depending where you live:

Ellen North 0408 951 931

Janey South 0419 044 689

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