Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Here’s an update on Jack, the three-year-old black greyhound who’s been in foster for a little while now waiting so very patiently for his forever home…

A few observations from his foster Dad…

*He’s house-trained

*He’s a very good companion dog, friendly to everyone.

*He’s good indoors, doesn’t climb on furniture and is happy just to lie around most of the day (and night).

*He occasionally borrows a shoe or other item and takes it back to his bed (but doesn’t do damage to it)

*He’s usually quiet and placid, except at meal times, walk time or when visitors call (rushes about, wild tail wags).

*He’s unfazed by things some dogs often get upset about—he’s not bothered by vacuum cleaner, thunderstorms, motor bikes etc.

*He’s an early riser and generally wakes us about 6:00 am to be let out in the yard for a few minutes, then goes back to bed until he wants his breakfast, usually about 7:00 am.

*He’s a good eater, always cleans his bowl in short order. Happy to take small treats like bits of apple, banana, carrot, peanuts, toast etc.

*Funny greyhound stuff – Sleeps in weird positions. Chatters his teeth when he’s happy (eg, when he sees his dinner being prepared). Leans on us if we’re standing still, follows us around the house if we move. Sprints wildly around the yard for a couple of laps for no apparent reason. Throws his toys around indoors when bored. Will occasionally chase and fetch a ball three or four times before losing interest and going back to sleep.

*Travel – Happy to jump in the car or van, travels well.

*He walks well generally and loves his walks and sniffs twice a day. He is a stronger big boy so a confident handler whilst walking is good.

No cat homes please

If you would like to meet me, please give our lovely adoption ladies a call. Depending where you live:

Ellen North 0408 951 931

Janey South 0419 044 689

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