Gender: Female

Age: 4 years old

Letty is a friendly four year old who gets on well with other dogs and walks beautifully on a lead and has learnt the wait command.

She now has a foster brother Louie a border collie. They play non-stop and she puts up with a lot from this pup who is 8months old, the border collie jumps on her, bites at her collar, constantly wanting her to play which they do, until she has had enough, then she will just remover herself or just ignore him.

Letty is excellent with kids, she would love a backyard with grass, (she is a lover of eating the grass) and to play with toys in her back yard. She has claimed her spot on the couch and will contently lay there forever! She also enjoys the car very much! She will lay in it all day if you let her.

Letty is not food aggressive, her and Louie enjoying eating out of the same bowl if we let them making sure we keep an eye on them.

She has her funny ways, word of warning, do not put your walking shoes on until your really ready to go!

Letty is easily influenced by other dogs and takes on their traits, so she would be wonderful with a dog who is a chilled companion.


She is a beautiful hound who will melt your heart when you meet her and look into those beautiful brown eyes.

If you would like to meet this gorgeous lovable girl, please give our adoption ladies a call.

Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

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