Gender: Female

Age: 16 months old

Meet Sandy, the 16month-old snootermodel with the on trend brows.

Sandy is super friendly and playful and loves being part of whatever her humans are doing. She’s affectionate and a quick learner.

She enjoys her walks and walks nicely on the lead. She loves meeting new people and other dogs on her outings, but also waits patiently at cafes.

Sandy does not like being left alone and can become quite upset so she needs someone who is home most of the time and is willing to dedicate time in her training in this area. She is currently fostered in a home with another greyhound and staffy who she gets on well with, and ideally should be adopted into a home with another doggy companion as this helps with her separation anxiety.

Sandy is toilet trained and sleeps through the night but as she is still quite young, she does get up to a bit of mischief with collecting “playthings”.

Her foster parents are completely in love with Sandy and know that she will bring a spark of joy to her adoptive home.

If you would like to meet me, please give our lovely adoption ladies a call. Depending where you live:

Ellen North 0408 951 931

Janey South 0419 044 689

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