Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old

Meet Oscar who is looking for a foster or even better forever home!

Handsome red fawn Oscar is two years old and has been living with a female greyhound for the past few days since joining the GAWA family!

Everything is new to Oscar and he is still learning how to be a dog – he is trying so hard to learn his new life and with a bit more time and positive reinforcement he will settle down, just needs a bit of one on one confidence training and learning boundaries.

He is loving life and just a bit too over enthusiastic at times for his very placid greyhound companion. Though already he has learnt to roach and he is called 🥰 Oscar Boscar the burping foster.

Once he realises his new life consists of walks, food, sleeping lots of! and play and sleeping!

No cat homes please.

If you think you can be the one to help Oscar on his journey to become his own dog!

Please give Toni a call on 0438 601 492.

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