Gender: Female

Age: 3 years old

Meet Zara ” A message from her foster mum 😊

Super sweet Zara would just give you kisses all day if she could 🥰

She is just so happy with her new world, there is always a smile on her little face. Zara has only been with us a few days but is adapting to life in a home quickly and very well.

She sleeps through the night and has picked up immediately that toileting is done outside. We do ensure she has regular toilet breaks throughout the day which has led to no accidents in the house. If the door is left open Zara will take herself outside when she needs to go.

Zara is only three so will need a busy household with lots of things going on, she likes to follow everyone around seeing what they are up to and what exciting things they are doing next. She loves to play ball and will bring it back to you.

Zara likes to play with toys, the fluffier the better so watch your fluffy slippers and cushions. Zara will take herself off to throw around the squeaky Kmart orange or wrestle with the cuddlepillar 🤣

A young family who has the energy to interact with Zara through play would be great for her as she is young at heart herself. Zara is happy to share her toys with her people as it’s all just so much fun to play together rather than alone.

Zara does however also like quiet time and will usually lay in the same vicinity of her people taking a quick power nap.

Zara currently lives with two older grumpy greys. She is wanting to interact with them and share her kisses 🥰but the boys are not keen. She will get a grumpy growl every now and again, but she will just walk away and leave them to it.

Zara hasn’t met any other breed of dog just yet or any small fluffies.

Zara walks beautifully on a lead and has walked past a few solid fences with barking dogs both big and small with no reaction.
Zara can however be hit and miss with her walks; she gets two walks a day and sometimes she happily goes on her little journey but other times she freezes and does not want to go any further or at all.

Zara will need an owner who has that little bit of time and a big heart of patience to help her gain her confidence in this area.

There is no pattern so we can’t
put our finger on exactly what the reason she may freeze is. If we can’t get her past the end of the drive then we try again on the next one, but for this time we go into the garden and interact with her by throwing the ball.

We are a busy family who are always in and out, the most Zara has been left is 6 hours.

However, she was not alone and had the company of the boys.

There had been no issues when we returned. As Zara is young and active in herself.

I don’t think she would do well being left for long periods by herself.

NO cat homes please.

If you think you would like Zara to become part of your family, please call our lovely adoption ladies.

Depending, where you live:
Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

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