Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Hi long doggo lovers, Denis here 😄

So, as much as I love foster care, I think it’s about time I had my own forever home to love and be loved, let me tell you a bit about myself 😊

I am devilishly handsome!!

Oh, you need more, ok, I am 3 1/2 yrs old and I love a couple of good walks and sniffaris each day . Happy to say hi to all the different dogs I meet along the way. I’m not keen on those cats though 🐈

I love to play and will happily amuse myself with my toys, but only in 10 min bursts. I live with my foster brother and sister and while they are ok, I love people.
I like someone around almost all the time as I get lonely and cry if everyone goes out without me.

I love the car and bound straight in. Mum says I’m a good boi as I lay down and sleep straight away. In fact, when we get home, she sometimes leaves me napping in the car and I get out when I’m good and ready.

I loooove my food and treats but I am very gentle, I will wait for my food.

Sometimes Mum calls me Denis the Menace but I don’t agree with that, I’m just inquisitive! The way I look at it is “If it’s fluffy it’s mine “and “If it’s hanging over the edge, it needs further investigation “. I’m not destructive but more of a collector.

Come bedtime, I will sleep right through as long as you let me have my bed in your room.

I like the little humans too but as I can get a bit boisterous so it would be best if they were a bit older, like 10 or more cause then we can play together as well.

I love to play ball and will bring it back to you, well mostly!!

Mum says I’m a sweet, loving boy and just need someone with patience to make me feel content and comfortable in their world.

I still think I’m devilishly handsome and remember no cat homes for me please 🐈

If you would like to have a chat with my foster mum, please call Janey on 0419 044 689

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