Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

A update on Harry from his foster carers.

Three-year-old Harry has recently come into foster care and after initially being a bit nervous with his new surroundings he is now starting to come out of his shell.

He is a curious boy and will investigate anything he can get his nose into. Of recent time he has started to collect items from the recycling bin, thinking these are toys and starts to play with them.

On walks he is very good on the lead, with only very minor pulling.

He does get on quite well with our other dog but is slow to understand that our dog is not always up for play time but sleep time instead.

After a couple of initial accidents indoors, he lets you know when he wants to go out and will wait at the back door.

As he will be sleeping inside at night, he will need to be taken out so he can do his business before settling down for the night The he happily settles in his bed with his dinosaur and sleeps through the night.

He is fine with being left at home with another dog, so long as he has a bed to sleep in.

Harry would do well in a home by himself or with another grey at a similar age and energy level as him.

If you would like to discuss Harry further, please call Ellen on 0408 951 931

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