Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old


My foster parents say I’m a 3 year old puppy who is just the cutest and squishiest boy in the world which is lucky because I do love cuddles and fuss.

Because I’m like a big puppy I’m still learning heaps however I am obsessed with treats and love being a good boy (please tell me all the time it makes my tail wag) so this helps with my learning.
I am a retired kleptomaniac and have learnt to channel my excitement into only grabbing my own toys and I’m learning to give up toys when playing and dropping things I’m not meant to take (I promise I rarely do this anymore, being a good boy is much more fun!)

I go in my bed around food and at breakfast and dinner times but this definitely is something I’d love my new family to keep practicing with me (it’s the best game ever!)

I can be left for the whole time you’re at work, out socialising or playing sports… the latter I’d actually love to join you with though, I often watch my foster mums play hockey.. it’s really exciting! To round it up I can be left for 8-9hours and will be in exactly the same position you left me, and probably won’t get up to say hi because, of course, I’m just SO comfy!

I love playing with dog friends and jump on the floor to let them jump on me, it helps as I’m usually bigger than them. I sometimes pull to say hi but once I’m there I’m fine it’s just very exciting seeing someone for the first time.

My lead manners are getting impeccable but as I’m a big puppy I still need you to continue my training .. I do stop and wait on command at roads which is pretty cute and impressive if I do say so myself.

I’m not cat or small animal friendly and would probably be best with slightly older children.. although I’m AMAZING with people and want everyone to be my friend I just get a bit OTT when playing and can get a bit nippy and excitable, I also talk when playing and throw tantrums for attention which my foster parents can’t help but laugh at me for 😅

Please get in touch with the great ladies at GAWA if you think you’d like the meet me, I’d definitely love to meet you 🥰🥰

Love, AaaaaRooooooooo! 🐾🐶

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