Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old


A Change in work circumstances has meant 2-year-old Pirate needs a new foster home or ideally a forever home.

Pirate affectionately known as Patches is a playful, energetic, and friendly dog, he is gentle and loves people.

He has settled in well to home life and is still getting used to people leaving him for short periods of time.

However at this stage we are looking for retired persons or someone who is home a lot of the time, as he needs someone who can help him gain his confidence.

He does like to have company and follows his humans around and maybe another dog for company.

Pirate prefers to be left inside when people are out and enjoys soft long toys, peanut butter Kong’s and snuffle mats.

He loves his treats and is still learning his manners to take them gently and understand that you won’t steal his treats back off him.

Dog savvy kids would be best for Pirate’s future home, and they must able to give Pirate space to adjust and learn.

Pirate loves going on walks and interacts well with all other dogs (big and small). He is good on the lead most of the time and walks well but he is a strong dog and can get excited and pull when excited or eager to greet other dogs and sniffs. This is managed easily, and he is learning his on lead skills, manners and catches on quickly.


If you would like to meet this striking cow hound, please call the lovely adoption ladies.

Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931

Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

Greyhound Adoptions WA
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