Gender: Female

Age: 1 year old

Here is an update on the lovely Greyhound X Jess who is a youngster at 16 months old. She is a happy girl who is full of love and joy.

At first, she was quite fearful of loud noises while out walking but over the last month she has gained a lot of confidence.

Because she is still a young dog, she is full of energy and needs two good walks a day, but for the rest of the time she’s happy to snooze and have a play with her toys (or her foster brother).
Jess loves a good cuddle in the evening, but she’s also content to lay on her bed.

She also sleeps the whole way through the night and is not an early riser. She gets up when the humans get up.

Jess is a very strong girl and gets very excited when its walk time and can pull you off your feet, however with the use of a halti and gentle head lead, she is now much easier to walk and train.

As she matures, she will become less likely to get over excited and pull.

Jess loves children, but because of her size and energy level she could bowl over younger children so over 5 would be better.

Jess has been introduced to many dogs and has shown no aggression, but she is still learning how to introduce herself properly to smaller dogs rather than diving right in with excitement.

She has been left alone with her foster dog brothers for around 5 hours with no issue, but when left alone without doggo company, she can tend to bark and become agitated, so a home with another dog we would be looking for.

In summary, Jess would be well suited to an active family who love to go for long brisk walks, hiking etc. She would love to have a playful doggy brother or sister to keep her company and a family who love to cuddle because she has a lot of love to give. Her family would have to continue with her lead training and guide her in how to say hello to other dogs without too much excitement.


If you would like to know more about this lovely girl, please call the lovely adoption ladies.
Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

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