Gender: Male

Age: 4 years old

Hi, my name is Bandit!

I have been in foster care for just a couple of weeks after making a longggg trip down all the way from Darwin!

The cold weather has been new to me, it has me snuggled under blankets and sticking close to my foster mum and dad for warm snuggles.

I am only 4 years old, and I love love LOVE to play and cuddle. So far, I have loved every human I have met, even the vets because they all give me love and attention.

I love toys, treats, walks and coming for a ride in the car. I just want to be involved in everything you do, even if you are only going to the bathroom, it might be an adventure so I will follow along. I want nothing more than to just hang around wherever you might be, I’m really good company!

I’ve never had my own things before, so I do get a bit carried away and collect quite a few things once I am comfortable. I like to collect shoes and socks the most, they have the best smells. I won’t ruin any of your things I promise, I just want to hold onto them for a while because they remind me of you.

I’ve tried quite a few treats so far but my favourites that make me go crazy are defiantly cheese, pigs ears and peanut butter.

I’m a bit of a clumsy dork my foster parents say! I’m a bit of an adventurer and like to find all the new smells, but I’m often not watching where I am going and have been known to walk into doors, fall off walls and get stuck in curtains. It’s never too bad though, it will give you a bit of a laugh.

If I am sleeping, please let me know you are there as I might get quite frightened, I’m not used to sharing my space! I am happy to sleep in my own space over night because of this, but as soon as I hear your alarm go off it is snuggle time!

I love it when you throw a blanket over me it makes me feel secure and I fall asleep straight away.

I’ve met a few small humans already, and honestly, they don’t really seem to bother me, it’s just more cuddles for me really!
Although I am quite energetic and very tall, so a little bit older would be better for me.

I have been quite fine being left in the house while my foster mum and dad are at work, but I would really love it if someone was home more with me, or if I had a playmate too that would be just awesome!

I do get quite bored when my foster parents have a long day at work, so I definitely can’t miss my walk times. I like to go twice a day, especially in the morning because that’s bathroom time for me!

I also would love it if you had some space for me as I love to do a quick zoom every now and then. My foster parents say I walk very well while I am on my lead, and I listen to their directions.

I am starting to meet other breed dogs and was a bit curious about two Maltese dogs and a King Charles but just had a quick sniff and kept going at an event last weekend!

I was a bit too interested in the ducks and rabbits at the market last weekend!

I promise I will make you laugh every day, and I can offer you so much love, I have a very big heart and I just love being around people so sooo much.

No Cat Homes Please!

If you would like to meet me or if you would like to know more about me, please call the lovely GAWA adoption ladies.

Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

Greyhound Adoptions WA
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