Gender: Male

Age: 7 years old

Hi I am Finn,

I thought it was time I put paw to paper to let you know all about me.

I have been in care quite a while now with a lovely foster mum and dad but know it is time to find my own family after being so well looked after!

I am 7 and half years young and I still love my basketball and having kicks around the place it is so much fun. I must admit to being a bit too enthusiastic with some of my toys so strong ones are best for me. My toys can keep me occupied for hours. I love the Kong and things that squeak.

At times I like my own space, but once I am settled and know you, which may take a bit of time.
I will make sure that I come and find you when it is time for a cuddle and give you lots of affection. I would be happy to join you on the sofa too.

If I am sleeping my human’s let me know they are there and don’t disturb me as I might get a fright!

I’m already house trained, crate trained and know a few tricks like ‘paw’.

My favourite snacks are bananas and peanut butter and I love these in my Kong.

When I am out walking, I do not appreciate dogs rushing up to say hello, I like calm and slow introductions and then I am happy to have a butt sniff!

Also, still not so keen on those little dogs either leaping around me.

In the afternoon I go and help feed the horses with Jimmy🙂 and love the horse jolly balls.

I can be left alone if I know my foster brother is in the house and Jimmy is good to be around because he is such a confident dog.

If you would like to know more about me or would like to meet up, please call our lovely adoption ladies.

Ellen – North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey – South of the River 0419 044 689

Greyhound Adoptions WA
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