Gender: Male

Age: 4 years old

Meet Eddie.

Eddie has taken his time to settle into home life but the more comfortable he becomes his little personality begins to shine.

At 4 years old, Eddie has been on quite the journey, coming all the way from Darwin.

He quickly picks up commands and would respond well to someone willing to do further training with him. He does not jump onto beds or lounges and has learnt to go to his own bed for treats.

Eddie is a foodie who happily eats anything and doesn’t mind a snack or two when he’s been good. Even though he’s got a strong appetite, he always waits for his foster parents to say “eat” before going for his meal. He won’t bother you while you have food but if you accidentally leave any unattended and within his snoot’s reach – it’s fair game!

He is happy being left alone during the day for up to 6.5 hours with the TV or radio on and a few of his favourite interactive toys.

Eddie gets extremely excited about car rides and will launch himself into any open car. He has often snuck pass his foster parents and cheekily jumped into their car boot as they unpack their groceries.

He enjoys a walk a day and walks best when walking with momentum as he can get distracted by his surrounds, particularly other dogs.

Eddie is fine when in the company of other greyhounds but has not been socialised outside of this. Calm and slow introductions with other breeds will be necessary.

Eddie shows a lot of affection but can get easily frightened as he learns to trust people and finds his place within the home. All he needs is time to settle into his new life.

When Eddie is laying down or sleeping his foster parents do not disturb him as he prefers his own space.

A dog savvy home with older children would be best for Eddie’s future as he needs space to adjust and learn. Eddie will be at Vic Park markets most Sundays and would love to greet his potential adoptive parents.

No cat homes please!

If you would like to know more about Eddie, please give our lovely Ellen a call on 0408 951 931.

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