Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Phantom is lovely gentle and calm 3yr old boy, he’s not long been out of racing so is still learning about home life and everything that comes with it.

He loves to give smoochy kisses and cuddles. He can be a bit clingy but I’m sure that will settle in time.

Phantom has no spacial awareness so will stand right in front of or behind doors, so you must be careful when coming in.

We’ve had a couple of accidents inside to begin with but that seems to have settled now but any future forever family will have to look for his signals as he still doesn’t know how to ask to go outside just yet.

He is a bit of magpie and likes to take things off
shelves/tables/kitchen benches and take them back to his bed but is learning what “NO” means.

At meals times when we are cooking, he is beginning to understand what “OUT” means and goes and lies on his bed or on living room floor.

He loves squeaky toys and balls, and his playful side is coming out.

Loves playing and having a run around the garden with Sox the family greyhound.

He walks beautifully and doesn’t pull and likes to be right by your side. We haven’t encountered many dogs while out but the ones we have he has shown some interest but remained relatively calm.

He has been great with our 5yr old daughter and hasn’t shown any signs of sleep startle, but we suggest as the saying goes “let sleeping dogs lie” and let him have his own space.

No cat homes please!

If you would like to know more about this gorgeous boy.

Please contact our lovely Ellen on 0408 951 931

Greyhound Adoptions WA
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