Gender: Male

Age: 4 years old

Meet Vinnie with a lovely update from his foster mum.

This is a rare boy; he is five years old in October and full of energy and affection.

He is so convinced people are his best friends he just throws himself at them while on his walks, nuzzling up to them with a big Hulloo!

While there is a lot of the pup still in him, he is toilet trained with an occasional accident, he is a fast learner and with some guidance and persistence he is starting to pick up on a routine.

Vinnie loves playing with toys, exploring the garden, and simply adores cuddles. With his tons of energy, he would really benefit from runs and is getting two walks a day, which don’t tire him.

As everything is new to him like toys, he likes to keep them for themselves and enthusiastically chews them. He needs to learn that he will get his toys back and does not have to guard them.

On his travels he is meeting lots of dogs here and learning his canine manners, with the little dogs he has taken longer to accept!

He had no idea what cats were until one did a Witches Cat impression and totally freaked him out.

Vinnie has mild anxiety and will growl when baffled or unsure so needs someone who understands that he needs time to process all that is going on his new life and be reassured it is all OK.

This fabulous boy would suit a place where he won’t be alone – he’s quite settled with Scooby our resident Head Hound.

So if you would like an energetic dog for your companion as he needs time for runs (he’ll run beside you) and someone who will be his pack leader.

As he’s so expressive with his affection he wouldn’t suit young children- tends to bowl them over in his attempts to hug the nearest new hooman!

No cat homes for Vinnie!

If you would like to meet this lovely boy and enjoy boundless affection:

Please contact our lovely Ellen on 0408 951 931 or message our page with your email address and suburb that you live in and we can send through an Expression of Interest for you to complete.

Greyhound Adoptions WA
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