Archie is a lovely & affectionate boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  4 years old

The lovely Archie is looking for his forever family and here is a great profile from his foster family:

Archie is 4 years old, and is a beautiful, loving, and affectionate boy. He loves to lean against for you for a cuddle, and will happily get pats from anyone he meets. He has met small dogs, large dogs and older children – and he is very interested in all of them! He has been a friendly boy with all the dogs he has met on a leash, but has not met any cats or young children yet.

He is a lively fella who loves his walks, he walks beautifully on the lead and is very easy to walk with as he doesn’t pull, and is happy to keep pace with you. He is even happier if he gets to go on a car ride to a new location – he happily lies down in the backseat, and has learnt to jump in and out of the car on request.

Archie is a fast learner – and is currently working on “on your bed” and “stay”. He is pretty consistent with them now. He has also learned to go up and down a flight of stairs, but sometimes needs a reminder to not rush. He is great with grooming, and will let you brush his teeth, clean his eats etc without protest. He has excellent manners, and has not counter-surfed or pestered for food, he will instead chill out on his bed while you eat or prepare food.

Archie loves to be around people, and does not like time on his own, this is something we are working on with him, but he would most likely do best in a home when someone is most of the time, or he has another dog for company. The more he could be around you, the happier he would be!

If you would like to find out more about the lovely Archie please call our adoption ladies on Depending where you live Janey South of the River 0419 044 689 or Ellen North of the River 0408 951 931 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.