Ashy is a sweet & affectionate girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  3 years old

An update on 3 year old Ashy who’s been in foster care for 7 weeks now. 
Ashy’s foster mum says Ashy has been an absolute pleasure to have around since day 1. Ashy is very affectionate and sleeps with her foster mum every night. Ashy doesn’t bark but she’s quite vocal when she wants something, usually right before breakfast or dinner or walk time- it’s very cute. Ashy has been living with a male greyhound and they get along so well. On her walks she’s still a bit unsure about other dogs but is slowly starting to understand what they are. She’ll often watch her foster brother for reassurance that everything is fine. She is definitely a submissive dog. Ashy is very easy going, she’s happy with 2 short walks a day then chilling the rest of the time. Ashy has arthritis in her hip which is being treated and she’s doing really well. 
If you would like to meet sweet little Ashy please give us a call depending where you live Julie South of the River 0419 935 456 or Ellen North of the River 0408 951 931
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