Benelli is a cuddly & affectionate boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  5 years old

Meet Benelli (aka Benny) a 5 ½ year old handsome boy.

He is a confident boy, super inquisitive and at times a bit cheeky. He loves being around his foster mum as often as he can be; he’s always interested in what she’s doing!

Benelli lives at home with his doggy foster sister, who he likes to hang out with and follow around during the day when mum’s at work. He loves going out for walks and walks nicely on the lead with no problems, he also rides well in the car. He has hung out with some other dogs his own size, but he can get a little over-excited by small dogs when they are running in the distance – being fairly new into foster this may change with further gradual exposure.

At home he is learning how to drop (lay down), relax on his bed, and to exchange a toy for a treat (toys and food are his passion, guaranteed a teeth-chatter when you’re making his dinner).

He absolutely loves affection and will push his way to the front of the cuddle-queue, so he is also learning to wait his turn until he is called over for pats. Benny is crate trained and loves to take naps and eat his meals in his ‘den’. He has also only had two” indoor‘accidents’ since moving into a home environment too, which is really impressive!

If you would like to meet this gorgeous boy please give our adoption ladies a call depending where you live:

Ellen north 0408 951 931 or Janey south 0419 044 689 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.