Buddy is a happy & lovely boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  4 years old

A wonderful write up by Buddy’s foster mum. 

Buddy is a 4 year old male with a heart of gold. 
He sometimes is affectionately called ‘noodle’ as he very long and lean and looks like a curvy noodle from behind when on walks. Buddy enjoys a daily walk and doesn’t complain if his foster family are able to accommodate a second one on weekends. He doesn’t pull on the lead and has learned to wait when told before crossing roads. Buddy doesn’t pay too much attention to cats and wags his tail high when there are other dogs nearby. 
Buddy attended his first market on the weekend and proved to be a very friendly fellow with all the dogs of various breeds he met. He travels well in the car and doesn’t take up the entire back seat, so his brother Ace has somewhere to stand comfortable.
His 7 year old foster brother Ace has been showing him the ropes of the good life at home. Much of living in a home is new to Buddy and he will benefit from a forever home that is committed to his learning journey. 
Some parts of home life he has taken to very quickly such as finding out how deliciously tasty cheese is and the variety of other snacks that are on offer throughout the week. Other parts of family life he is still working on, such as navigating polished wooden floors and not reversing into furniture that ‘suddenly’ appears.
Buddy is also building his capacity to wait until his foster Mum gets home from work to go to the bathroom. Buddy is now able to hold on most nights and tends not to request to be let out until 6am which is a good alarm clock for his foster family on a work day. 
Buddy is patient at the front door and doesn’t try to escape, which is a blessing when your hands are full of groceries. He does like to inspect bags to ensure there are a sufficient amount of treats purchased. He is not fussy with food and enjoys kibble, rice, vegetables, sardines and the occasional lamb neck. 
He is very patient when his meals are being prepared and doesn’t show any food possession towards Ace if he finishes before him. 
Buddy is learning not to come into the kitchen or bedroom and will leave quickly when reminded.
Buddy’s two most adorable features are how curved his tail gets when he is first on his walk, look almost like a full circle and his chattering teeth. Buddy loves snuggles and if he gets a rub and a pat in just the right spots he will light up your heart with his chattering teeth and a couple of kisses. 
If you would like to meet this lovely boy please call us depending where you live Janey South of the River 0419 044 689 or Ellen North of the River 0408 951 931
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