Casey & Hally

Meet cuddly gorgeous duo!


Gender: Male (Casey), Female(Hally)

Age:  9 years old

Dynamic Duo Casey & Hally !

Meet this lovable duo that just want a home with their furever humans, They are no trouble being in the “senior” category and just want to hang near you.

Both Hally a greyhound X and Casey a greyhound are 9years old and LOVE cuddles and attention.

Casey will “roach” happily in his bed when you’re giving him a head scratch. He will be your shadow in the house and follow you around, sleeping wherever you are.

Hally loves to rest her big head on any part of you she can reach and especially loves to stretch out on the couch next to you. The couch belongs to Hally now.

When Hally is happy to see you or when you’re giving her a cuddle, she will thump her tail against the floor.

Both love sleeping and spend most of the day stretched out on the floor/their beds/the couch.

Casey likes to let you know when it’s walk time in the morning. He will trot into your bedroom, wake you up with an investigative snoot in the face and excitedly wait by his lead. He is very good at sliding his snoot into his muzzle. Casey is also great on a walk and will walk to heel patiently beside you.

Hally needs some more guidance on her walks. She is very protective of Casey and gets excited when she sees other dogs (even from a distance). We are working on her lead manners with her and teaching her that both her and Casey are safe with us on lead.

Hally also LOVES to smell everything and let you know when she is done and ready to move on. She’s working on her giving her human attention when she is walking (and not getting distracted and overexcited by everything) and learning that she doesn’t need to be on guard whenever we leave the house.

Hally is very food motivated but will patiently wait for her breakfast and dinner. Hally and Casey are fed separately, but she likes to check his bowl is empty (just in case).

Casey is a bit of a Mr Miyagi and snatches flies out of the air faster than you can blink!

Hally likes to gently nuzzle her soft toys when she’s in the mood for playtime, and a Kong filled with a bit of peanut butter can keep her occupied for hours. Casey isn’t as interested in toys, but will do a few zoomies before promptly lying down and going back to sleep.

Hally will let you know if there is someone in the front garden or at the door and if a new car pulls into the driveway.

If you would like to know more about this gorgeous twosome please give us a call one of our adoption coordinators depending where you live
Ellen north 0408 951 931 or
Janey south 0419 044 689