Chanel is a lovely & beautiful girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  2 years old

Hello here is Chanel our first foster dog in Geraldton.

She is a very lively beautiful black 2 ½ year old and a here is a great update from her foster family.

She is super friendly and loving with the family and has become quite attached to her foster mum and follows her everywhere. Chanel stays close by when her mum is working at home. Each morning she gives the family a huge hello jumping on the beds!

Chanel is great on the lead and is learning to calm down when meeting other dogs and she takes a few minutes to settle down. Everything has to be sniffed and checked out and if she sees other dogs she desperately wants to go and say hello. She has socialised with a few greyhounds and a Labrador and they have all played fine in the garden chasing balls. They have a lovely size block and she enjoys just zooming around! Her Mum says they now have race tracks in the garden beds from her zoomies and play time.

Loves a soft toy to play with and she will take it to her favourite spot in the garden

She is another one who loves her food and has a great appetite!

A very spoilt foster girl she has three beds inside and out and has had full run of the place. ❤️

This lovely girl needs her own space for her alone time and she would be better suited to older children who understand not to approach a sleeping dog.

So if you would like to find out more about this beautiful girl please give our adoption ladies a call depending where you live Ellen north 0408 951 931 or Janey south 0419 044 689
or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.