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Coco is a sweet lovely girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  2 years old

We have a sweet little lady that needs a very special family, do you have room in your heart for this special girl……

Coco is a 2.5yr old little superstar, she’s our foster princess and now deserves a home where she will be the centre of someone’s world. She will be incredibly hard to part with and there will be lots of tears when that time comes.

Coco is pretty goofy, she is an early riser (she does sleep all night though) and it warms my heart to see her play bowing and galloping around the garden when we let her out for the first toilet session of the day. She won’t then settle again until she’s had breakfast and she’ll make you fully aware that it’s that time of the day. Coco LOVES her food, she’s not fussy and has a great appetite, if you’re not careful she also thinks your fingers are a tasty treat, but she’s very very gentle. Coco loves snuggles on the coach, under the bed covers and will lift her leg so you can stroke the inside of her thighs. She loves nothing more than to spend time with her people but can also manage some alone time.

Unfortunately Coco does have a medical condition that has caused some irreversible damage. But other than being unsteady under foot at times (she can manage my wood floors no problems and has learnt the art of skidding to a stop when she’s in a hurry, usually for her food) she’s pretty much a normal functioning dog. A home with flights of stairs either inside or outside will not be suitable. Coco loves to go out for walks and smell the flowers but these are short walks and at her own steady pace.

Greyhound Adoptions are committed to Coco’s health long term and that will be discussed in detail with potential adopters.

We have worked hard with Coco over the last 6 weeks making her feel comfortable, confident and settled and she is flourishing. She will need a strong confident leader, someone with very little distractions, especially at the beginning, someone who has time to solely focus on her and establish her in a routine.

A home with another dominant dog would not be suitable for Coco.

Coco is cat and little dog friendly but will require a very special kind of home with very special people.

If you think you are the person for Coco please call Lou on 0404238331