Darcy is a loving & gorgeous girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  1 year old

We have a gorgeous update from Darcy’s foster mum:

Darcy (1 1/2yrs) is a sweet, young girl who just wants to constantly show you how much she loves you. She will do so by showering you with constant kisses, looking at you adoringly every move you take, and always wanting to touch you or be by your side. Her greeting when you get home is some spectacular jumps, almost like she is on a trampoline!

She is an absolute dream on the lead, and isn’t afraid to throw on the breaks to let you know she isn’t done going for a walk yet. She is a perfect guest, eats her dinner without fuss, sleeps through the night and has learned basic commands quickly such as “on your bed” and “wait”. Her foster parents think she is a sponge for learning and would probably be open to “puppy school”. She hasn’t been an opportunist with food and seems more interested as to why you’re eating and not paying attention to her.

Darcy would suit a home with an older and confident male dog, preferably bigger than her. Her foster brother isn’t phased by her bursts of play or jumping on top of him to get a pat before him. Due to her being a shy girl, she seems to follow in her foster brother’s lead almost mimicking everything he does.

She has not had any issues whilst her foster parents have been at work full time – a couple of items chewed but her new parents will have to be mindful of leaving items out whilst she is adjusting to her new surroundings.

Darcy is a wriggly worm at home full of personality, but social events seem to terrify her at the moment. Her foster parents are working on taking her to cafes and outings with a little more going on to help her adjust and realise the adoption world isn’t so scary! Her new family will need to continually build on this and listen to Darcy and her body language whilst she gains her confidence. Darcy needs a gentle push to try new things but in time, her foster parents believe she will gain more trust.

Her foster parents know Darcy will give such a great energy to her new family’s home.

If you would like to know more about Darcy, please call one of our lovely adoption coordinators depending where you live Ellen north 0408 951 931 or Janey south 0419 044 689
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