Annie’s story

Discarded. Cast off. Abandoned.Annie, like so many greyhounds, was destined for euthanasia simply for being born. Annie was left at a vet clinic to be put to sleep due to a broken leg which needed surgery. Luckily for her, a kind vet nurse contacted Greyhound Adoptions WA – GAWA and the rest is history…
GAWA operates on a “no grey turned away” policy and we simply can’t survive without donations from people like you.
What does GAWA spend the donations on?
The cost to adopt a greyhound from GAWA is $350 however this doesn’t even cover the vet bills which are $400 on average per dog. One dog’s vet bill was $8000! All GAWA dogs are sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped, their teeth cleaned and nails clipped. Worming tabs and deflea treatment included. In winter a foster coat to keep the dogs warm. GAWA shout the bill for kennelling when a foster home cannot be found.
Please donate now to support our greyhounds! A virtual gift of as little as $15 can pay for one night in kennels whilst a foster home becomes available for our dogs. Find our donate buttons on both Facebook and Website pages. Donations can also be paid direct into our bank account.

Greyhound Adoptions WA Bendigo Bank
BSB 633-000 Account number 144268638

You can also donate via PayPal

All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible, receipt provided.

Greyhound Adoptions WA
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