Fostering a Greyhound

At GAWA we are constantly in need of people who are prepared to become foster carers for these magnificent animals due to the increasing number of dogs that are being surrendered to us.

So what is the role of the foster carer exactly?

The foster carer oversees the transition of a former racing hound into a domestic everyday pet.

Retired greyhounds know nothing of the outside world, they have not been to the beach, have no road sense, they do not know how to walk up steps, have not lived in a family environment where there are children and perhaps other pets such as cats or birds.

Can you help us?

The foster carer’s role is to introduce the dog into a new world, this is achieved by firstly showing the dog an enormous amount of affection, this in turn will gain the dog’s trust and loyalty (most important).

The carer teaches the dog house training, how to walk on a lead, assimilates the dog into a family environment and introduces the dog to it’s new surroundings such as the local park and if close to the coast also the beach.  It is important to remember that greyhounds in a public place are still required to be on a lead. 

During the foster period GAWA will give all the necessary support and advice to the carer through other members of the association.

Should you consider becoming a foster carer and need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact Toni Donnelly on – 0410 395 492 / 0438 601 492

We look forward to your support and with your help we will save a lot more dogs from a terrible fate.

For further information, click here for Handbook.

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